Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Samantha Kisaragi

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PostSubject: Samantha Kisaragi   Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:43 pm

Name: Samantha Kisaragi

Race: Human/Soul Reaper

Rank: Substitute Shinigami

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1

Weight: 120

Description: Samantha is a young girl with long dark blue hair and dark chocolate brown eyes. She has a thin and small body, but has a bit of muscle and an hourglass shaped body. She has a flat chest and has light white skin and slender fingers.

Her clothes consist of black pants, black tennis shoes, a gray tank top under a light blue zipper long sleeved jacket, and a small necklace around her neck with a heart shaped clock on the chain.

Gear: Backpack filled with snacks, notebook, pencil, notes on soul reaper powers.

Personality: Samantha is a sweet and kind girl who is always ready to help out someone in need. She is determined and strong when it comes to her beliefs and is willing to go to far lengths to prove them and defend her and her friends honor. She however has a bit of a temper and hates meeting annoying and rude people and if not careful or wary, will pick a fight with people over something small and won't stop until she wins, which usually ends with problems.

She is however smart in situations when it comes to fights and will do her best to analyze her opponents and is mature in tough situations, being able to make tough decisions when the time comes for it. However it is true in her line of work it would be best to use their zanpakuto, she is willing to go right at an enemy and punch and kick the daylights out of them if she's bold enough.

Likes: Sweets, cats, rain, flowers, cloudy days, helping souls, and getting work done.

Dislikes: Failure, death, hollows, all night patrols, losing, rude people, perverts, being looked down on, and making mistakes.

Background: Samantha is from Karakura Town, and was born from a shinigami mother and human father, however did not learn this information due to both her parents dying from a Hollow attack while she was at her grandparents house when she was 10. She has always had a hard childhood due to her hair color and how she did not do well getting along with others her age. She soon was pulled out by her grandparents and was given a private tutor to learn from, making her school life easier, but not without problems as she had no friends. She however learned to get over it and stayed by herself most of her childhood.

When getting to high school at 15 it got better, as new people she met thought she was cool and made her life better for her, getting friends and accepting her. However she was still bullied by the other students from her elementary school still but ignored it most of the time, but so far is at the top of her class, though she hates to study. On her 16th birthday though she was in for a big surprise. On her way home from college and after having a break, the street she was on suddenly exploded out of nowhere, and the strange noise of roars sounded through the area.

A Hollow soon appeared behind her and struck her, hitting her into the street and causing her to break her arm. As her life had seemed to flash before her eyes, her body suddenly emitted a strange light, pushing the Hollow away from her. The Hollow soon came at her again and was a few inches from her before suddenly a man who happened to be a soul reaper appeared to stop the hollow. He had tried his best to stop it but was outmatched and was about to die.

Having Samantha come to him, he gave her his powers in hopes to at least help her survive. His powers he had left were soon transferred to Samantha, turning her into a substitute shinigami and with what she figured out, used her newfound powers to kill the hollow. She soon left the scene and went back home, passing out back at her house and found the whole thing had not been a dream after seeing a news report about it.

It has been a few weeks since the incident and she hasn't a clue on what to do with the powers she has now gotten, but her summer break has now come and she has decided to use her new found powers to the best of her ability to protect Karakura Town and find out how to control them properly and not seem like a freak.

Skills/Attacks/Techniques: N/A

Zanpakuto: Zanbi 太陽を殺害 (Slaying Sun)

Shikai Command: "Protect the Heavens and the People, Zanbi!"

Shikai: When using Zanbi, her blade becomes endless daggers which she can use for long and short range attacks, however they are not very powerful.

Bankai Appearance: Samantha wears a dark green samurai outfit, her hair flowing down and a shining see through shall resting on her head. In her hands is her sword, now spilt in two and is much long and sharper.

Bow: N/A

Fullbring: N/A


Damage- 6

Toughness- 6

Reiatsu- 9

Reiatsu/Soul Manipulation- 6
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PostSubject: Re: Samantha Kisaragi   Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:51 pm

I'm not completely understanding your shikai, nor do I understand your bankai.
Care to explain a tad bit more?

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PostSubject: Re: Samantha Kisaragi   Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:38 pm

You have also left out speed in the stats area.

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PostSubject: Re: Samantha Kisaragi   

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Samantha Kisaragi
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