Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Silver 'The Fallen One'

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PostSubject: Silver 'The Fallen One'   Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:05 am








Character picture :


  • Quincy cross
    Quincy cross picture:

Personality: Silver is a very laid back yet focused person. Even though he will laugh and play around with you seeming as though his guard is left down he is always ready to go on the offensive and strike at anytime from any position almost. He will seek any weakness a person has and if need be exploit it so that he never has to waste to much power but if he has to there is no doubt after the enemy feels his power he can easily do it. However, he simply tries not to show his true strength that often, so that when he has to fight an espada he can overwhelm them after they underestimate his power.


  • Cherry blossoms- He loves the smell and sight of cheery blossoms flying through the air at night. He has loved this site ever sense he moved back to to Japan some many years ago.
  • Night-He loves the night because usually there is a beautiful moon out to guide him on his quest to end the existence of all the hollows. He also loves it because it complements his Crimson bow will fighting.
  • Spring- He loves the spring simply because that is when the two loves he has night and cheery blossoms come together to form the perfect combo.
  • Full Moons-He loves full moons because they shine different colors based on the time of year or the numbers of years that base by always giving him different experience and never losing his attention.


  • Hollows- They killed his parents two years ago and what is why he seeks out to kill themm all and cleanse the world of them. However, he got his name 'The Fallen One' Because he killed his younger brother to gain the family Sanrei Glove.
  • Himself-This is because he hates that he killed his younger brother just to obtain power and he has to live with the guilt for the rest of his life but he is slowly getting over it.
  • Espada- He had heard stories of these beast that where said to be able to fight on the same level as a captain if not higher. Therefore, with them being at the top of the ladder he seeks to kill them if he finds any remaining. (Didn't include in hollows because separate reason and different organization even though they are hollows still dislikes them as a group if you understand what i am saying)
  • Color of his bow- He hates the color of his bow sometimes because it reminds him off him slaughtering his brother and seeing the crimson colored blood dripping off it.

Background:All Silvers family moved to america except for his grandfather seeing as they were simply quincy even though they were from the royal bloodline they saw no reason to stay in Japan. However, his grandfather was a member of the attack group who killed the head old head captain and stole the bankia of some past shinigami. While he trained over in America however with his father he trained endlessly all he had time to do was do his school work and train he had no friends and no loved ones other than his family. Therefore, after he had finished high school at the age of sixteen his family moved back to see that they could see their grandfather one last time before his death, He was 116 and on the brink of death but still was walking around. Before he had passed on his trained Silver in the new way of quincy techniques so that he could fight effectively against almost all types and strength of enemies. However, after a few months from his grandfather, passing a hollow attack while he was away and his father was asleep and it slaughtered all his family except for his brother who was staying at a friend’s house. When silver returned and was the mess, he was filled with rage and his eyes proceeded to turn crimson red.  He was so consumed with rage he set out to kill all the hollows that he could sense. In addition, after he turned seventeen he felt he was slowly lacking in power enough to kill the higher level hollows so he killed his brother the heir to the sanrei glove. So now, he is roaming the city to kill the hollows that invade.



Bow:Kurimuzon hana (クリムゾン花)-Crimson Flower





Reiatsu/soul manipulation-

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Silver 'The Fallen One'
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