Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Ranking details

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PostSubject: Ranking details    Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:07 pm

When you submit your test I will give you a rank from 1-4 1 being the highest. So for example rank 1 would be captain or espada. Rank 4 would be 4th seat or adjuchas here are the ranking details for each race. Also there will be a rank 0 which is aizen or captain commander yamamoto level to reach that level you must be a leader of a race or just very (and i mean very) good. One admin has to nominate you but all others must agree if one says no then the answer is no. Being a leader doesn't make you auto rank 0 everyone has to earn it.

     4th seat- At this rank you can't learn shikai yet, this is the weakest rank and you won't see much action until you are promoted. 

     3rd seat-  You can learn shikai after a 1000 word training post and you have access to weak kido

     lieutenant- You have access to stronger kido and flash step. If you are captain level lieutenant can learn bankai after a 1500 word training post.

     Captain- You may learn bankai after a 1500 word training post and you have access to the highest level of Kido


    Adjuchas- you have access to the weakest form of cero and are the lowliest of hollow.

    Vasto Lorde- your cero becomes stronger

    Arrancar- You gain a zanpakuto and can learn ressureccion after a 1200 word training post, you can also learn Gran Ray Cero, and sonido

    Espada-  Can learn Segunda Etapa, and Different forms of Cero


     Class 4- you gain your first stage of object affinity but it will be relativley weak

     Class 3- Your fullbring evolves forming a new stage and becomes stronger after a 600 word training post

     Class 2- You learn High speed movement, and master soul manipulation (sonido/flash step) your fullbring doesn't evolve further

     Class 1- You master your fullbring evolving to the final stage with a 1500 word training post


    Class 4- you get the basic bow
    Class 3- your bow evolves and you learn low level quincy powers

    class 2- You get Hirenkyaku And your bow evolves a final time with a 1000 word training post

    class 1-  You get Blut and a spirit weapon after a 1500 word training post of you mastering them. (can be done together in the same post)
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Ranking details
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