Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Hiro Toriyama

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PostSubject: Hiro Toriyama    Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:58 am

Name: Hiro Toriyama

Race: Shinigami

Rank: 1 (Head captain)

Age: 142

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 220 pounds


similar to that but with the white haori

Gear: HE wears the standard captains uniform with one gold shoulder guard, with his zanpakuto on his hip.

Personality: He is a lot more tolerant than the previous captain. He realized that they main reason they lost so many men is because of the foolishness and arrogance of the old ways. He knew that he had to change the gotei 13 to be more accepting of new allies. He is very friendly towards the other shinigami but was strict when he needed to be. He often put on a facade, he liked to act like he wasn't stressed so he wouldn't show weakness and lower morale. But in his often he often sat there thinking about the past.

Likes: Formal shinigami, those who would give thier lives to protect soul society.

Dislike: selfish shinigami. He hates when a shinigami abuses thier power or acts for the sake of themselves no matter what the backlash is on soul society.

Background:  He was born to a family that had been shinigami for generations, but his power was far above anyone in his family even as a child. They knew he had the makings of a powerful captain, But they feared him as well. They didn't want his power known even by him. But still his power was leaking out and eventually got the attention of the gotei 13. They soon found him and recruited him into the academy. He wasn't given ordinary training, He was being trained to be one of the most powerful captains in history. They new he would be head captain some day so they wanted to make sure he was prepared. Still he couldn't help hating them for the training they put him through, while it was effective, It was also cruel. He made captain at the young age of 60 and Took part in the blood war. He was a major player in the blood war, slaughtering many enemies. He honestly didn't like doing it, he only killed when he had too, but that was often. He managed to survive the war but everything was in ruin, most of the captains were dead. Those who lived appointed him Head captain, since he was the most powerful of all of them. He was hesitant at first, He didn't think that he was ready. He resisted for a couple of months before finally he was talked into. He realized that they desperately needed a powerful captain to lead them in the wake of the Blood War. Especially since they were all still suffering from the loss and sacrifices they made. Now he has rebuilt soul society and started recruiting more captains, ready for the road that lies ahead.

Techniques: Shunpo, Hado #73 Soren Sokatsui, Hado Jugeki Byakurii, Hado #91 senjo koten taiho, Hado #90 kurohitsugi, 

Zanpakuto: Yami no omo

Bow: n/a

fullbring: n/a


Damage- 9

Toughness- 8 (gained 3 from training)

Reiatsu-9 (12 with bankai)

Reiatsu/soul manipulation-7

Speed-9 ( 12 with bankai)

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PostSubject: Re: Hiro Toriyama    Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:12 am

Approved sweetie cakes.
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Hiro Toriyama
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