Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Son Goku charrie

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Son Goku

Son Goku

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PostSubject: Son Goku charrie   Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:51 pm

Name: Son goku

Race: Arrancar

Rank: Arrancar

Gender: Male

Height: 185

Weight: 5'11

arrancar picture:

Gear: Only cares his sword.

Personality:He is a hard working, hollow trying to get to espada level so he could work straight under the first espada. Aka the leader

Likes:He likes the battle field and the sight of blood. He loves his espada leaders and follows there order without hesitation.

Dislikes: He hates hollows weaker then him, and people who talk back to there espada

Background: Goku was a low hollow feeding on weaker ones. Doing this he had reached Vaste lordes and started to grow hatred for the weak. With that he was walking in huero mundo. When he was walking around he saw a man who looked to be an easy prey for him to consume to become stronger, So he ran toward the prey he saw out and when he got about five meters away he realized that this man was stronger then him. He felt an overwhelming sense of power coming from this man and he knew he couldn't even scratch him at his current level. So instead of continuing the attack he said to the man "Please take me into your wing and mentor me." He was amazed with the power he was feeling and he wanted it as well. So from that day on he worked for this man who called himself an Espada.

Bala: he uses a combo of black and white and making the white black ones stronger. 

Cero: he has control over his regular cero and has the basics to forming and grand cero but can so far only do it in his resurreccion. This cero is different from other in many ways but the two main was are how fast he can form the cero for one and that he can make it smaller to a bala level to make the power even greater making it half way to a grand cero level. What helped him attain this power was giving up his natural regeneration ability.

Heirro: His heirro was one of the main places he focused because it works equally as an arrancar's greatest physical help as well as their greatest defense. So his is only send two Shuu's which is like running against a tank loaded with nukes as the ammo. His Heirro is so hard that he can take a sword hit from a captain using his shikia and only receive a minor wound if the captain is strong enough with power. He attained this level of Heirro by release his natural regeneration ability.

Pesquisa: This is one of his weaknesses he can use this in battle but he has to have good sense of focus to keep up with someone using sonido or shunpo. If his focus is even slightly off he loses his ability to really find someone after they use that technique. Though sense he found this to be a very wide flaw he learned to focus manly on the opponent at hand so not to get distracted.

resurrecction: Look at weapon creation.

Sonido: His sonido is second to no one in los noches because that was his specialty. He was the fastest in using this technique when he used it there wasn't even any sigh that he was about to use the technique. it was simply just a flash of him and after using it his was so advanced that he produced a almost solid after image to trick the enemy that he hadn't moved but the after image only lasted 5 seconds before fading away like when someone normally used a Sonido.

Shikai/ressureccion: Tamashi no heishi 

Bankai: N/A

Bow: N/A

Fullbring: N/A

Damage-10 (+1 from training post)

Toughness-5(+2 boos because of hierro already added)


Reiatsu/soul manipulation-3

Speed-10 (+1 from training post)

(Stats are above because approved training post and heirro)

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PostSubject: Re: Son Goku charrie   Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:03 pm

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Son Goku charrie
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