Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Angron Grim, Pestilence and Death

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PostSubject: Angron Grim, Pestilence and Death   Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:05 pm

Write n/a for anything that doesn't apply to you

Name: Angron Grim

Race: Arrancar

Age: 6547

Height: 7'2

Weight:240 lbs


Damage- 9

Speed- 4

Toughness- 7(with Hierro Bonus 9)

Reiatsu- 10

Reishi manipulation- 9


Angron in his Shikai, his Reiryoku manifesting itself as wings. He is often found in a reversed Arrancar garb appearing more like a shinigami. His clothes are black with white trim. And as per the usual his chest is left open and his sternum retains the hole denoting him as an Arrancar. The customary partial skull mask is almost non-existent, though beneath his hair are the what appear to be bone white broken horns.

Gear: His blade, the embodiment of his Hollow powers. Yakubyo, looks ancient. The blade itself is serrated not because it was made that way but because the once thick blade has been ground down over time. Such is it's wielders power that his own spiritual energy over-powered and ignored the blade's for so long it eroded. The Hilt is thin with jagged spikes coming off it. The blade itself is black with a green hue.

Personality: He is by no means a quiet individual, he enjoys talking with those he considers equal no matter how few and far between those individuals seem to be. That said he has a very tactical mind, to the point of being sociopathic. His emotions do not flow freely, it is almost impossible to tell when he is mad, happy, angry, or sad. His intellect is only held in check by the raw power he has built up over thousands of years. He prefers not to fight until he understands his opponent's style. His power demands perfection in usage or else it becomes useless.

Likes: Angron enjoys life, not humans, shinigami, or Quincies. But animal and plant life. Odd for one of his stature but something about a tropical forest makes him smile. It may just be the amount of things that can kill people within them... But he still likes it. He also likes beaches and mind games.

Dislikes: Humans, Shinigami, Substitute soul-reapers, and Quincies. He cares little for most things but those three are the ones he hates the most. He is jealous of humans and angry at the Quincy and Shinigami. He also does not like meeting new people. Rarely will he engage in conversation with them. Rather, he will allow an underling to speak while he observes.

Background: (Remember the Quincy,Shinigami War occured 100 years ago resulting in devastation to Quincy, Shinigami, and Arrancar as well as the death of Ichigo Kurosaki.)
Angron's life started ages ago in a tribal life. He was a warrior, and eventually chieftain of his tribe. As time wore however it became increasingly obvious to others that he was a terrible man. When it came to war he would brutalize all enemies, killing women, children, and any in his path. Every action he could take to hinder an enemy, he would no matter the cost. He cared little for life, a rather ironic thing seeing as sickness was his ultimate end.

His tribe had enough of his barbaric ways and eventually poisoned him, after his death a horrible pestilence struck the tribe. He required vengeance as everything he did was for his tribe... In the end he devoured them all as a hollow. His mere presence sapped their life force making them easy targets.  For nearly a thousand years he devoured human and hollow alike. He was weak then, and used cunning to weaken his opponent. He gave them a taste of his aura, and they slowly died while he was around until they could be devoured.

Eventually he developed into an adjuhas, then even a vasto lordes. He was thought to be one of the first to attain this level. But continued his viscious killing sprees only this time he stayed in Wako Mundo. Feeding on those that seemed to reach his own powerlevel or near it.

His goal for thousands of years was to bring Pestilence to the world for taking away his life in such a way. He didn't feel he had deserved such and as his power grew so did his influence. During the first Shinigamie, Quincy war Angron made his presence known. The Shinigami were powerful, devouring them was far more exciting than the disgusting hollows though some humans could compare...

As the war came to an end Angron was fed up with himself. He tried to kill himself preferring damnation to continuing his life. It was at this time he found a shinigami capable of doing such, their battle was long. In the end he died to the power of Pestilence but not before dealing such damage to Angron that he would not be leaving either.

To the Shinigami's chagrin, Angron found the will to live once more. His spiritual pressure and the shinigami's merged creating the first Arrancar as pestilence absorbed him. Angron Grim was reformed as one of the first Arrancar to ever exist and under intense circumstances. He went into hiding during this time, discovering the powers of this form.

Nearly nine-hundred years later he was captured by one Sasuke Aizen... And experimented on. Eventually he was killed to cover their own backs as his spiritual pressure was garnering the attention of other shinigami.

He was sent to Hell and discovered his Ressurecion there after nearly a hundred years of training. Though chained, his indomitable will allowed him to climb out. In Wako Mundo he learned of Aizen's fall and found the Quincy repopulate and gaining strength. Rather than wait he attacked, with ferocity and heard Aizen had been imprisoned in the Soul Society... The man who had experimented on him, made him a perfect Arrancar, and then killed him was trapped... his own vengeance would come through killing the one that defeated Aizen...

His sights moved to Ichigo who was apparently after the Quincy King. After their ultimate battle, Ichigo found his Hollow uncontrollable... And Angron unleashed it permanently unto the world. He destroyed Ichigo's Zanpakuto and created a hollow hole in the young man's chest with a concentrated Cero. As the boy transformed, Angron walked away to prepare a new kingdom in Wako Mundo.One that he would control and besiege not just the mortal realm, but the Soul Society with.

His hatred for Shinigami only grew, they seemed incapable of removing him before but now they were everywhere.

Cero - Fired from the palm of his hands, low charge time for apowerful strike.

Ghost Arc Cero - Cero used in Ressurecion Segunda Etapa - The scythe cuts through the air making a wide arcing,horribly destructive cero.

Ghost Cannon Cero - Using his horns he takes some time to charge a massively powerful cero 1 post to charge, 1 post to fire.

Pestilence: Angron's special technique, it draws from the enemy's soul power. Not the energy they may be currently using. Rather when it strikes a zanpakuto it will steal the Reiryoku from it rather than the reiatsu. Pestilence usually takes the form of a green black cloud it is slow moving on its own and usually surrounds Angron's blade.

However, much like Byakuya's Bankai when guided by hand the speed increases exponentially.

Reiryoku Defense: This monster's Spiritual Energy is so much to contain that it often manifests itself in the form of wings. The manifested wings are the largest concentration of the Reiryoku escaping from him. There is a constant level on the areas not covered by the wings capable of stopping even some bankai level attacks before even reaching his hierro. His ability, Pestilence, can increase this further.

Mastered Sonido- He isn't the fastest out there. But he will manage to keep up with most warriors.

Enhanced Pesquia - Able to determine an enemies level after only a glimspe.

Intense Bala - An impressive way to condense spiritual pressure into a punch. His pack quite the wallop.

Master Hand-to-hand fighter - Self-explanatory

Legendary Spiritual Pressure- His Reiryoku and Reiatsu are such that they can't be contained. Were a normal human to approach him they would simply break down from the pressure. This goes for weak Hollows as well. It has an effect on people of power as well, slowing them down a little as though poison were in the air or the weight of an ocean were upon them.

Heroic Hierro - Though his second line of defense, it is still an incredibly tough Hierro. Breaking through it is no small feat even for a Captain.

Shikai/ressureccion: Upon Ressurecion, his blade does not change. His ability however does come to light. Pestilence forms at his feat as small coulds of green/black mist. His sword is metal but often engulfed in this cloud.

He gains-

Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Endurance

Bankai/ Ressurecion Segunda Etapa: In his form his Reiryoku defense manifests in his scythe. The Scythe is known simply as 'Evil' it's presence instills fear. It can channel special Cero that fire in an arc from a slash made by the scythe. Pestilence, manifests in a a gauntlet on his left hand. Coming in contact wit this gauntlet will drain your Reiryoku extremely fast.

During this time his speed increases slightly, he can control Pestilence much faster, though it moves from his gauntlet. The cloud will take on the form of a large hand. Being near it is to be near a poison. His Reiryoku sucking cloud can be inhaled at which point, it is only a matter of time before the enemy is sucked dry.

Fullbring: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Angron Grim, Pestilence and Death   Mon Jun 17, 2013 10:30 am

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Angron Grim, Pestilence and Death
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