Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Mokuntaku "God of The Flash"

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PostSubject: Mokuntaku "God of The Flash"   Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:20 am

Name: Mokuntaku "God of The Flash"

Race: Vizored (Leader)

Rank: 1

Age: 263
Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 183 lb


Gear: Zanpakuto (Info here)

Personality: Mokuntaku is the type of man who does not let anyone in.  No one knows his pain, and the oppression and pure torture that he has undergone in his life.  And since no one understands, Mokuntaku figures, why tell them? To a stranger on the outside, Mokuntaku seems almost as if he has no emotion, even if he is smiling.  Mokuntaku may be smiling, and it is a good false smile, able to trick most people, but an attentive person can tell that he is not really happy, nor does he find something funny.  When Mokuntaku feels a strong emotion, he keeps it in.  Except in battle.  In battle, especially when enraged, he can seem like a demon, the very demon and manifestation of fear itself.  He hates Soul Society more than anyone, even the Arrancar, because they exiled him after saving all of Seiretei  for being a Vizored.  He is not evil, but neither is he noble.  He is a man that would not care about a single life, but sometimes go to help in bigger, more devastating events when many lives are at risk.  In the more recent years, living around the influence of humans, his "wall" that hides all his emotion has begun to break down, and eventually he will become a raging monster of emotion.  But for today, his emotions are still unreadable.

Likes: Mokuntaku likes those who reject political power.  A Shinigami who is not afraid to stand up against his captain and tell what an idiotic jack ass he has been is a rare case where Mokuntaku will like a Shinigami.  Mokuntaku can be fond of those who are humble, and do not display their title everywhere, thinking they are above everyone else.  He has, many times, killed men for this simple act.  Mokuntaku likes people who are not afraid to go out and pursue their goals.

Dislikes: Mokuntaku hates pickles.  Like he seriously fucking hates pickles.  He has no clue why, but last time he ate a pickle, he threatened to kill the man who served it to him.  Aside from that, he dislikes anyone who is conceited, for they think they are above everyone, and many times Mokuntaku has killed men for it.  He dislikes hypocrites, to the point that he has killed Espada and Shinigami Captains alike for reprimanding their subordinates for things they do themselves.  

Background: Mokuntaku was made a substitute Shinigami by a mischievous captain of the Sereitei, and taken in for many years to study.  At this time he was also trained by the captain, and began to hate his living guts. He was never allowed outside contact, and was put through brutal training that no one should be able to endure.  And yet, he did.  When Mokuntaku turned 23, he was made a full Shinigami, and this ceased to age.  At this point, he was allowed contact only with seated officers of the captain's squad. 

About 30 years later, Moku had began to be sent on assassination missions, killing Hollows, Quincies, and Shinigami alike, being forced to be the Captain's personal hit man.  After another group of years, Moku was finally trusted enough to make contact with all of the Sereitei, but not without some insurance on the Captain's part.  A device was planted in him that would cause him to implode were he to reveal any information on the Captain, and thus he kept shut.  He eventually became the Captain's Lieutenant, and was trusted without the device.

Many years later, Moku was sent on a mission to kill a certain Fullbringer.  He completed the mission flawlessly, however some years later, Moku learned of the Fulbringer's identity.  It was the grand son of his sister.  Consumed by rage, he struck the captain down, and assumed his reign as Captain, telling all of Sereitei of his crimes. About a year later, Moku began going through changes, as a hollow entity manifested itself inside him and he became the first Vizored. He worked endlessly, but eventually began to learn to control it.

During an invasion of the Sereitei one year, Moku was pushed near death.  To protect the Sereitei, he had to use his hollowfication, and managed to defeat the leader of the enemy, while the rest retreated.  When the Head Captain learned of Hollowfication, he said Mokuntaku was exiled from the Seiretei.  He and the other Captains clashed for awhile, and eventually Mokuntaku fled to the World of The Living because he was overwhelmed by the other 12 Captains.

Speed: Put it this way: He is not known as the God of The Flash for nothing.  This man, even without using any excess powers, can run at speeds equal to that of Captain and Lieutenant level Shunpo.  He is even faster with his Hollowfication, or utilizing his Zanpakuto in the correct way.

Shunpo: Mokuntaku's Shunpo is unrivaled, by any.  No Shinigami, nor Arrancar, nor Quincy, in existence, has ever been able to keep up with him.

Senkaimon: The Senkaimon (穿界門, World Penetration Gate) is the dimensional gateway which Shinigami use to enter and leave Soul Society.

Zanpakuto: All info on the Zanpakuto is found here.

Bow: N/A

Fullbring: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Mokuntaku "God of The Flash"   Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:23 am

Picture of the Mask: 

User of the Mask: 
Mokuntaku (No last name)

Powers of the Mask:
The powers of Mokuntaku's mask are limited, but versatile.

Extreme Speed: Rather than gaining a boost in both speed AND strength. Mokuntaku gains a HUGE boost in speed instead. He is revered as one of the fastest warriors in existence with this active.

Reiatsu Synapsis: Mokuntaku can concentrate Reiatsu to extremely dense amounts to parts of his body, or things he is in contact with.  When it is parts of his body, it becomes extremely hard to pierce, becoming stronger than most Espada's hierro. It can also produce healing effects, that within 2-3 posts can heal minor injuries, like the uber-common Bleach shoulder cut that spouts blood 15 minutes after the cut is made.  When concentrated into a weapon, the weapon literally glows with Reishi and Reiatsu, and its impact moves to extremely high levels, as well as its piercing damage.   Mokuntaku can only use Reiatsu Synapsis on one thing at a time, whether it be his arms or his blade.

Weaknesses of the Mask:  
Mokuntaku can only use Reiatsu Synapsis on one thing at a time, whether it be his arms or his blade. Mokuntaku does not gain a strength boost like most Vizored do with their mask.

Hollow Powers/Abilities
Cero: One of the main Hollow Techniques that Mokuntaku uses, when he has Hollowfied, he can compact gargantuan amounts of Reiatsu, usually into his palms, and fire it at the opponent.  However, he can also fire smaller less powerful Ceros.

Bala: This attack is similar to the Cero, except with the difference of using less Reiatsu and compacting it further, to the point it moves 20x faster than a Cero.
That is all for now, more will be added.

Garganta: How Hollows and Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy which must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

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PostSubject: Re: Mokuntaku "God of The Flash"   Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:46 am

Lol approved, very nice.
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PostSubject: Re: Mokuntaku "God of The Flash"   

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Mokuntaku "God of The Flash"
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