Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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Reina Venena

Reina Venena

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PostSubject: Reina Venena    Reina Venena  EmptyTue Jun 18, 2013 12:20 am

 Reina Venena
Race: Espada

Age: 900 (appears 20 )
 Reina Venena  Untitled_by_songokiu-d69svj6
Like this except a viel acovering her mouth, no tail, and has a bird like as her hallow remnats that cover her mouth. Her hallow whole is on her forehead covered by her bangs. Her number tattoo is on her neck.

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9

Weight: Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to ask a women her weight!!

Description: (Or picture)

Gear:  Just her sword. Her sword hilt is black with a purple hour glass design decorating the sides. Her sword has more of a long sword type design, made to pierce not slash. She can run energy through her sword to increase her piercing power. The tip of the sword also  is covered in Reina's secret poison formula. The poison when injected into the target causes their movements and motor functions to slow at an alarming rate. 

Reina likes to mess with people and play tricks. She is very sly and doesn't trust many. She is not easily intimidated  by anyone and also has something up her sleeve.  Reina does not like to be given orders and frequently complains about them, or has someone else do it for her. Despite her behavior, Reina despises humans intensely. She is not afraid to stand up for herself or voice her opinion, but she is smart enough to know when to fight and when not to. Her vast spiritual pressure and freighting power makes  it very easy for her to intimidate lower arrancar into doing her dirty work, if they  don't succumb and die that is.
Likes: Well she likes a lot of things some would be sleeping, reading, and playing with her prey.

Dislikes: wouldn't you like to know~

Background: The life of primera Espada, Reina Venena, has been a never ending saga of tragedy that can be traced back to her life in the human world.  Born into a poor family of a cobbler in England, things were not easy for her. Her mother died giving birth to her forcing slight resentment of her  to grow in her father and other family. She was born with high spiritual energy , so high that things sometimes cracked when she was angry. This caused others to believe her to which or child of the devil. With such a reputation she did not have many friends and was often ridiculed.  Her only friends was her grandmother on her mothers side. Her grandmother was a herbalist and helped the town with any medical trouble. The townspeople loved her, though were still weary of her  supposed super natural healing powers.

At age 14 Reina became her grandmothers apprentice. Her grandmother also had abnormally high spiritual pressure and could also sense Reina's spiritual pressure.  Though her grandmother was not aware of any of the other worlds events or terms she had managed to design a weak type of healing kido using the spiritual power she had. By using this healing kido along with her medical and herbal knowledge Reina's grandmother could heal most afflictions easily. Her grandmother has also be experimenting with spiders and snakes and the venom they produce to stop diseases from toxins. Her grandmother taught her everything she knew about healing and their spiritual powers. By age 16 Reina was an accomplished herbalist and for the first time she felt wanted and needed.

At age 18 Reina's spiritual power  continued to grow bigger and larger. Her grandmother was happy that Reina's power were advancing, but having two spiritual pressures of such high levels in the area, it was only a matter of time until trouble struck. While helping her grandmother nurture the spiders they were breeding, a tremor erupted outside. They rushed outside to see a gigantic snake like hallow. The townspeople just kept on their daily business not knowing the monstrosity that was around them. The snake like hallow like slithered around the people and tried to find a worthy prey. The hallow had all but given up hope until it sensed Reina and her grandmother. The moment the hallow looked at them Reina and her grandmother ran into the house, but it was too late. The hallow charged at them destroying the side of the house and snapping it's disgusting jaw wildly. Reina tried to run but her foot was trapped under the ruble. Her grandmother ran to her aid and tried moving away as much ruble as she could, but while this was happening the snake had reared back  and charged again at them. With all the strength and spiritual power her grandmother could muster she pushed Reina out of harms away and was swallowed by the snake. Reina ran as fast as she could looking for escape. Reina ran as far as she humanly could, hoping to draw the snake away from the villagers. Luckily the snake had to digest her grandmothers power, and since her grandmother has such refined spiritual power it would take much time. Reina eventually made it the neighboring town of London. She collapsed in the main square unable to go on physically or emotionally from the loss of her grandmother. 

She would awake two weeks later from a coma. The doctors told them all they knew and for a second Reina was fine, but then her memories of her grandmother's death resurfaced and she grew depressed. The doctor told her to rest for awhile, but Reina now had a duty to heal the village so in the middle of the night she escaped the hospital and wondered into the main square again. She was about to ask someone for directions when she saw her face on a wall. She had been branded a witch by the villagers of her town, saying that she killed her grandmother and was responsible for the destruction the hallow had done. After all the healing she had done for them, this was her reward! Reina did not know how long she could keep it together so she discreetly with her head down, left the city and ran into the forested area around. She collapsed next to a tree her morals, and faith in humanity slowly crumbling before her. She noticed a few scraps on her legs and decided to do the only she knew know, heal, but even that would not be going the way she wished. The usually green energy that surrounded her hands was now pitch black. She wondered what this meant and touched a tree, it immediately began to grow black fungus and its leaves fell. She recoiled back at the vulgar thing that was once the tree. Insect began to gather at the tree tasting the dead park and eating the fungus. The insects began to turn black and grow repulsing sores all over their bodies from eating the fungus. The insects scattered from the tree their small brains now warped to bite and spread. The insects bit any animal they could find in the forest causing the animals to also turn black with sores. 

By morning the next day the animals of the forest were all infected and bit humans in the London area causing them to also grow sores, but not turn black. The humans spread the dark sickness to each other through London and beyond starting something that would go down in history as the black plague. Reina had now lost everything she had ever cared about, her family, her home, her grandmother, and her ability to heal. She walked to the tree that she had originally infected and used her dress as a rope to end her tragedy and hung herself. 

This was not the end of Reina's life as she was reborn from her tortured existence a hallow. Despite her now mosquito like size her intellect and speed were unmatched and she quickly rose through the ranks making it to Hueco Mundo and making an area for in the dessert like area for herself as she devoured and grew. Eventually she made it to vasto lorde and regained a human form and some emotions. Some of her emotions from her human life carried over and she became very lonely. She tried to form a pack, but most hallow either feared her or died around her. She was doomed to a life of solitude until she met Angron. He promised her power and that she would meet others as strong as her. Seeing an escape from her frigid existence she accepted and became an arrancar and then espada for him determined to fill the hole of loneliness that was her life.


Cero: Reina's cero is black and she usually fires it from the middle of her forehead. She is able to fire them in a matter of seconds and their destructive force is able to cause explosions and destroy buildings. Her grand Rey Cero can completely distort an area and only leaving a creator behind.  

Bala: Reina is able to fire off Balas in quick succession with minimal energy needed and little to no charge time.

Heirro: Her Heirro is impressive even for her level. Even Captain level opponents will have trouble breaking through it. 

Pesquisa: Reina's Pesquisa is by far the most developed of all arrancar in history. She is able to sense any new or raising spiritual pressures in almost the entire land of Hueco Mundo. In battle she can zero in on her even captain level opponents and sense where they are or where they are coming at her from and the strength of the attack in an instant.

Sonido: Reina is a grand master of Sonido. Seeing anything less than a blur when she uses it is almost unheard of. Pared with her incredibly Pesquisa, she is able to sense her target and get to their location in a matter in minutes if not seconds. She is among of some of the most talented Sonido arrancar in history.

Hand to hand combat: She is not the best hand to hand combat specialist. Although one of the more skilled espada with hand to hand combat she is by no means a master. 

Spiritual pressure: Reina's spirtual pressure is very unsettling to most humans and low level hallows, causing them to faint or seizure from the grotesqueness and vastness of it. Her spritual pressure is if your trapped in a intoxicating never ending swamp.  

Peste: Pesta is Reina's special technique. Peste is a technique which causes Reina to create poison in her body and expelled it from her mouth and skin. While not in release state Peste must enter through the blood stream or opening in the body. From there the toxin goes throguh the body draining energy and power, and also slowing mortar functions until the target can no longer stand or go on and collapses unconscious.

ressureccion: will post that later

Ressurecion Segunda Etapa: Will post later

Speed 10 (release 13)
Reiatsu 7 (release 10)
Damage 5
Toughness 8 (plus 2 from heirro making it 10)
Rei/soul 3

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