Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Resurreccion training post

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Son Goku

Son Goku

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PostSubject: Resurreccion training post   Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:24 pm

Bleed: Tamashī no heishi
By: Son Goku

Holding his chest he felt as though something was wrong. He remembered now the scar forever on his skin from the first day he meet the people he was now surrounded by. “So this is the power of an arrancar and what is this on my side?” He saw a katana on his right hip. “Is this part of becoming an arrancar?” He had never seen anything like this other then with Angron, Reina, or Shuu.  “This power is amazing not even reaching its peak yet I can already tell the different in power.” Without thinking he swiftly punched the floor to test his new found power. He was surprised to see that he had cracked the floor with a fast punch that felt like he threw five in less than two seconds time. “Amazing, this is truly just outstanding!” He was truly with this new found power but he needed to learn how to control this new found weapon he had at his side. Though before he could even ask Angron what it was or how to train it he was already explaining what this new found sword was. He explained it was a sealed version of what his hollow power was a ressureccion. After saying a set phrase set by your mind while you were getting transformed it would release an even greater power that only select number of arrancar can achieve or even master for that matter. Goku found this to be a great chance to test his new power and try and reach his new found goal of being an espada.
After leaving los noches outside desert  he went without hesitation to the training hall that was in los noches. This was his favorite area of all in this place.  Simply because it was where he did all his hard work.  The Agony he suffered is engraved into the Stone in this room.  The sweat pools all over the place he never got around to cleaning after finished his work outs; and even the cracks all around the place where either he was pressing hard focusing his spirit energy to get a better reaction or just getting slammed against the stone. “This is what my home truly is this place is what is truly where I sleep and feel most at home.” He begain as anyone would and simply drew the blade and he already saw something was wrong but he didn’t want to disturb the leader. His blade simply wasn’t there he thought long and hard about this and without a second thought he slashed at one of the pillars and the blade was there it had made a cut but still something was weird about it. As if it didn’t want to be seen for some reason… He pondered long and hard about this and the only thing he could think of was that his inner self felt he was weak and that was why he couldn’t see or hear the “Voice” of his new sword. “What can I do to fix this before I get figured out?” He got an idea he had to convince himself he was strong. He had to figure out a way to even see his blade before he could get to hear it’s surely beautiful  “voice”. He Trained nonstop with the blade till it became one with his ironically he called it a part of his “Soul” but everyone knows hollows don’t have souls and that is why they have the black hole on their body. He worked nonstop till he felt he could defeat almost any enemy set in his sight. While training he had figured out how to use a grand cero and how to use the flash step he saw the first day he came which he later figured out was called a sonido.

After five days of not talking to anyone or even stepping out of the training hall when he awoke the sixth day he could finally see and hear it. He heard the voice of his new sword as it called out to him and finally showed itself finally feeling that they were both ready to see their full potential. As he saw the crimson looking blade he knew this was a perfect match for him it was the color of his favorite thing the site of weaklings blood splattering around as though it was dancing to a new destination outside the owners body. He put his finger on the end and he whispered as it ran down the back side of the blade Bleed: Tamashi no heishi. With that he felt a power surge that he had never personally felt or achieved it was incredible. He felt as though he was at a lower ranked espada level and he looked at his new found form in one of the puddles of sweet that had formed over the week of training he had done and he was amazed at the look. It was the same as his vaste lorde form be stronger he felt this was perfect for him he didn’t really like new things and this would provide a familiar scare to his enemy if they knew him from when he was a vaste lorde. After admiring it for awhile and seeing some what of its capability he sealed it again. He know had to train with his comrades to get a better grasp of this form. As he was leaving the training hall for the first time in almost a week he passed a mirror that was randomly place there for some odd reason and looked at his new body it was beautiful and he loved every aspect of what he could see. “Now to find some training partners.” He was happy to finally be able to use his ressureccion. He had searched around and then he knew the perfect “helpers” he went to the area where they trained newly found vaste lorde and he took one strong, 1 medium, and 1 weak vaste lorde with him to see in his eyes if they were worth keeping without even knowing the true extent of his power. He took them to the training hall and told them to fire a combination cero at him as he changed into his ressureccion. As the  beams came toward him he felt nothing coming from them he saw them as if he could flick them and they would disappear so he aimed one finger and fired his famous white cero and it destroyed the three cero and the weakest of the group he collected. After seeing what he had done he was surprised yet happy that was so easy. “Hehe so that was a cero at this level.” He smirked and used his Sonido and was behind the medium one in a second flat and ripped his head off with ease. However the last remaining vaste lorde after seeing how the patter was going tried to run. This  enraged Goku to a point where he just was going to toy with this soldier then eat him just out of the weakness displayed at that moment. So in a flash he was in front of the hollow and he punched him with his new found power as light as he could but it sent the soldier flying at a fast pace. “Wow this is wonderful, I am going to love this power.” He walked to where the vaste lorde was and he had realized that punch was just enough to almost kill him. He was disgusted with how weak he once was and with a flash of his foot destroyed the vermin and walked out sealing his sword once more having learned its power and how to use it. “I will never be weak again.” He muttered as his final words to this training session.
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PostSubject: Re: Resurreccion training post   Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:06 am

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Resurreccion training post
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