Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Shikia training

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Prince Vegeta

Prince Vegeta

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PostSubject: Shikia training   Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:10 pm

After being with the thirteen court guard squads for awhile he heard of a way to improve is power. Naturally he went to investigate this claim that he could “speak” to his sword. After awhile he realized this was true and the first step to unlocking this wonderful discovery he found was getting the sword to speak to him. He tried almost everything talking to it, fighting with it, even just slashing it against stuff to try and force it to  speak to him. Then he thought maybe this was one thing he couldn’t do it with force. So he sat in his room and started to meditate. After awhile he started to sink into a world with gravity so powerful even a god would have a tough time stand. As he struggled to get up there is zanpakuto was looking down on him he finally spoke the man “I am Shinigami no kama.” Vegeta looked up at the seemingly human being. “Who are you and why can’t I move.” The man standing over him spoke yet again. “I am your sword , your life, and the power you have been looking for.” Vegeta looked up with a smirk on his face now. “So this is what my swords true form looks like.” I am impressed.  So how do I go about mastering you.” The zanpakuto now smiled and said “First you must stand and walk in the sword before I even try working with you.” Vegeta now laughed. He got onto one leg after the man challenge him and then get got on the other in a squat stance he was struggling to get himself up. Then in a instant he shot up and stood. Will all this was happening in the zanpakuto world in the social society veget’s spiritual pressure was sky rocketing. “This is outstanding I can withstand this type of pressure?” Smirking he now tried taking step and feel down again. “Haha small set back which I will now dominate.” Standing up again he started not only walking but sprinting toward his soul. “How is this for your!” The zanpakuto now smiled and let up the gravity. “Now I will help you use your new found speed and power and make you stronger.” Releasing a little on his limiter he slowly faded away and only a new blade was left in the middle of the field. While this was happening the whole field changed from a waste land with bodies scathered all around. Now it was a a land of trees and a open field with only a lake in the middle. He took his new found weapon and was looking at it as he was he saw a darker shade get on the blade and he slashed to see if it was just him going a little crazy, but instead there was a flash of a green slash that felt like pure concentrated spirit engery. “Wow that is amazing.” As he looked at it fly the slash made a wave split and cut 3 tree’s straight in half before getting the fourth and it was destroyed on impact.

“This is truly outstanding !” Screaming with joy as the zanpakuto showed up again saying “so you can use my slash already.”  Looking at the man again he smiled . “Thank you for this wonderful power now let’s master this together  so we can grow closer.” Putting out his hand he wanted to seal this bond he wanted to form with his new found sword and friend. This was unheard of and the zanpakuto looked at the man and smiled with this he was truly happy  with his new found partner and he put out his hand. “Hopefully this time I don’t get my power abused and can trust you unlike all the others who went mad with power.”  With this act he had opened every gate that sealed parts of his power away he thought this time he would enjoy being with this shinigami. As they shook hand Vegeta’s power in the soul society started to shoot through the roof. As they stood there smiling at each other as the power flowed into vegeta they knew now that there was no separating the two men. “Now let’s work on this shiki together.” As he looked toward his sword for approval… all he had to say to the man was “Lets.” With a smile.  As the two trained together through the intense gravity that vegeta yet couldn’t use they grew stronger and a stronger bond. At the end of their training they were  even more empowered and connected then before. “This is wonderful kama.” Getting tired of always calling him by his full name he grew so close all he had to call the man by now was kama meaning blade. “Yes, This truly is and I hope one day you can master all my powers that you yet cannot control.” This was wonderful being so close to his sword he grew stronger by the day… by the minute. “Before you leave this place promise me you will come back and keep training to never get dull with this new found powers?” vegeta turned around and without hesitation announced “Yes, We will train everyday even after I master your amazing power.” He smiled and vanished back to his normal life and was surprised that the weeks he spent in there was only hours in the real world. With his training with his shikai done he went to get something to eat and the was rested for a moment only what seemed like an hour before a hell butterfly flew into his window calling him to duty once again he looked down and whispered lets go Kama. Before swiftly heading out to the head captain’s office feeling stronger and reading to take on any form of hollow that was terrorizing the human world. “After all that Training there is no way I am going to lose to a lowly hollow.
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PostSubject: Re: Shikia training   Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:20 pm

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Shikia training
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