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 Maiko trains BANKAI

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Maiko mana

Maiko mana

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PostSubject: Maiko trains BANKAI   Maiko trains BANKAI EmptySun Jun 23, 2013 10:57 am

After her small party with her freind vegeta she headed to the training ground as she carried her dummy that would help her train bankai in just three days. She wanted to gain a lot from this more then just her bankai more then captain. She wanted to gain speed just as her old sensei had done she remembered a lot about his lessons and would always remember him as he was her inspiration to become the fastest in the soul society she was heart broken when she saw him being exiled so she took that pain and turned it into training to become faster. She was going to excel to points farther then her body could possibly alow but she was going to push those limits and do what she set out to do from the beginning when her master and her were training so long ago. 
            She arrived at the traing site with a bright cherry red sucker in her mouth as she almost always had with her. As she began to set up her dummy that would soon be her most powerful opponent she will fight to date. She had no second thoughts no hesitation she was hell bent on getting this new found speed and power she was wandering if she was going to have to take her sucker out because people didnt know about it but it was there to keep her speed low so she didnt always go to fast. It would cause her to not breath as much as she should so she wouldn't always be breathing and running at top speed along with her imence control over it already. She was mentally prepaired for this moment she had set up the dummy and had taken off the extra weight she had on her so if she needed too she could move at top speed. 

      It was time she just knew it. "So this is how it begins "she looked at her dummy knowing this was going to be a very long three days. She pulled out her zanpaktou and muttered her release so if any one in the area was close they wouldn't hear her say it. As it formed into the long rapier she decided it was time to fight her zanpaktou. Quickly thrusting her sword into the dummy it exploded leaving her with just her sword. "So we finely meet again you baby" she turned around to see we're the voice came from recognizing it was her zanpaktous voice. "I'm not a baby modo we bolth know that" she turned to see her opponent it was her sword modo modo. She looked at her as she watched her short blond hair wave In the wind she was about the same height as her but still modo was a bit shorter. "So modo are you ready to be out classed with my speed I'm going to beat you into submission and learn bankai so I can join he captains." She said this with much vigor as she got her feet ready for what was about to come. "Do you really think you can beat me in speed maiko I could out run you any day so I plan on making you quit in just one day." She looked at the spirit " your going to regret what you just said little missy" she closed her eyes and was ready to fight.

   Day one
  She started off by running for a straight on attack untill she got close about five feet away and shunpod right next to modo as she quickly tryed to jab at her opponent. Modo seeing that her freind was coming shunpoed behind maiko right before the thrust had connected.she quickly used the back of her hand to smack maiko on the back of her head knocking her off balance. She fell face forwards on to the ground as she quickly sprang back up she gave a scolding look and shunpoed again leaving an after image of her self going for a frontel attack when acsuly she was going for the back. Modo didn't seem to noticed her vanishing as she stared at the after image she relized what had happend and turned around to see maiko running at her she got her own sword out and was about to slash when maiko shunpoed right next to her. Maiko stabbed into modo thinking she had won. She was intact not even close as she relized she stabbed an after image from a utsusemi as it only appeared she had made contact. As she saw modo go for an atack for the back she swung her sword to her back protecting her from the slash that was coming at super fast speeds. A wave of air burst from the point as the blades crossed. She was feeling very confident in her self she quickly dispersed and shunpoed right above modo swinging her sword down at her before shunpoing to her side while leaving an after image behind to confuse her hoping it worked and that she was going to get a very nice jab in. She was wrong however because modo was fast and she reacted quicker this time and connected the two blades once again as a hurts of wind blew from the point the two swords met. They weren't getting far with this as she quickly shunpoed again this time she preformed a surprising kick with out using her sword to fight hoping this would catch modo off guard. Luckily it did she the kick landed but not fully because she had raised her sword to block most of the kicks super fast strength as modo was knocked backward but quickly geting back up. "Nice one you got a hit on me so now maby I should probably become serious" she said as she brushed of the dirt from her nice kimono wich was colored in red. The fight raged on for hours and hours both matching speed ls at very intense speeds if a wanderer or any one came to watch he would be disappointed because he most likely wouldn't be able to follow any thing they were doing though hey might be able to feel the spirit pressure being admired and the sonic waves of air coming out of the training area. It was almost the end of day one as both modo and maiko were not even starting to breath very hard today was just a warm up for what was about to come tomorow and she knew this was going to be a very epic fight.

      Day two 

     They had been fighting all night sending wave after wave of air out of the training area as they were still both fighting with only a bit of there true speed even though to the naked eye to would be almost impossible to follow there movements. " so baby it looks like you have improved sense the last time we fought even though last time you were still very slow and weak at the time but now it is exciting fighting you and I will not go down easy at all I will fight my hardest until you are worthy of having me be bankai you baby" as she shunpoed over to her raining down many strikes with what looks like ten but was acsully just her using a very good after image attack were she would create about ten and they would all appear to be attacking at the same time. Maiko saw what was happening though it was hard to find the lag she managed to dodge all but one of the attacks as it bruised her shoulder she quickly shunpoed next to her still sucking on her sucker to reduce her speed tremendously she went for a strong super fast punch to the side. It connected causing a sonic air wave to burst from we're the punch had landed throwing modo to the ground at a super fast speeds. It wasn't over they were still ready to fight but now they had both started to breath a bit heavier her sucker was starting to wear thin and once it was go e she was going to go full force on modo and win this almost instantly hopefully. Modo got up and looked at maiko with fierce eyes as she was ready to fight with more speed. Modo shunpoed right beside her and used the flat of the blade to knock her out of the sky and back to the ground. It connected sending a shockwave threw her and forcing her down to the ground she got back up and brushed off the dirt on her as she quickly ran to the right just so she could shunpo behind her as she threw her sword like a spear at modo it launched with tremendouse speed as it would be almost imposible to dodge at the speed it was going. Modo side step it but it was to fast and cut her left arm right below her shoulder. Maiko shunpoed next to her blade and fought it easily as she began to defend rapidly going for an air attack on modo hoping her guard would be off. Modo saw it coming and used her good arm to deflect maiko and push her down into the ground. It worked as maiko was thrown to the ground she shunpoed next to modo again so she would be able to get a clean hit on her. She swung with great speed and was about to make contact with her right shoulder. Modo saw this and traced acordingly and blocks most of I by the rice was unbelievable it knocked her 20 feet away from her and she was about to close the gap and try to finish but it was not as  easy as she hoped because modo had shunpoed right beside her. maiko saw this and quickly sliced all around to get her while she couldnt get away in the air. It didnt work as modo shunpoed every where trying to dodge the barage of attacks and only came out with a Few scratches. Maiko was starting to work up a sweat as she had not been used to training at such high speeds to some time now the last time she had trained at these velocity a it was with her master. She decided it was time to kick this shit into max speed as she crushed the cherry sucker in her mouth and spitting out the stem she swallowed the rest and she took one big breath as she did this her oxygen in take increased 75% now she was going to be able to run at top speeds much greater then that of any on in the soul society it was also felt by modo who could tell she was in for a real challenge. As wave after wave of sonic air waves pass after every blow the soul society would be in for a very windy night. They kept at it for the whole day as maiko pushed her limits to increase her speed even more then it already was she was going to win she could tell but time was running out she needed to finish this. They were both breathing heavenly and sweating as you could start to see it as it would cause the robes they both were wearing started to stick to them. It was nearing the end of the second day only one more day left she had to finish it but she was not worried because she beloved in her self.

    Day three
       The last day was upon her she knew she had to finish it today no matter what she had to finish this while modo was tired so she could learn her bankai and move on and become faster and stronger as she always dreamed of being the fastest in the world but she knew that would be posible for a long time because her master was still alive and he was the fastest. She quickly saw modo trying to shunpo behind her as maiko got stabbed or it looked like maiko but was just an after image as how the real maiko was behind her and twist kicked modo in the face so hard sending her into the boulders. Take a giant breath of air she lunged at modo at full speed as she got there she kneed her in the gut causing her to cough blood but she was still fine as she shunpoed behind modo again this time making her own after image. Maiko stabbed at the after image to figure out it wasn't real as she shunped backwards to avoid the attack from he left that nearly got her she could see the blade inches between her face. She thought it was time to use a very advance shunpo senka. She put her sword away and then in just a flash she went from being in front of modo to behind her researching shed sword again as it clicked into the sheath three stab wounds were seen on modo. Thought modo had blocked five of them she couldn't follow every one of maikos attacks. She had won but just to make sure. "So do you give up do you admit I win and will give me bankai" she said this while she put modo in a strangle hold with her sword. "Yes you did excellent maiko and I'm glad to be your zanpaktou and I can't wait to go on many adventures with you we will be the fastest and strongest team there is." She said that with a smile on her face as she told maiko how to unleash bankai and how it worked they even trained a little with it so she would know how to control her own power. At the end modo turned back into the dummy and maiko walked away the victor but soon after collapsed as she was a bit tired from all the training she had pushed her body past the limits and had gone all the way to the top she was going to be ready for that test. She was going to be a captain finely she slept and rested on the ground as she waited for he energy to return as she was covered in sweat and blood from the long fight between her and her zanpaktou. 

       The hours past as she slept there five hours to be exact she eventually got up and brushed her self off as she had finely done it she had completed bankai she was very excited. She finely put a sucker in her mouth this time it was cola flavored she picked it up the last time she was in the mortal world. She reflected inking of the speeds she hacking reached to any one even captains following those movements would have been near to impossible she knew she would beagle to win her fight because her bankai would increase her speed ten fold and would make her so fast it would almost appear as a flash of light that passed in just a second of time she was planning on being the captain of the assassins because of how fast she was she was happy with her self and her training as she began to walk back to her house and rest so she would be ready for the fight between her and a captain so she could join the ranks of captain. She was always dreaming of being captain and was very ready to be one as she had been training for so long and had accomplished so much. She was at her house as she walked in and passed out on the bed in her room as she was very tired and needed. Few days to nap and rest so she would be at top speed when she fought her next opponent. 
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PostSubject: Re: Maiko trains BANKAI   Maiko trains BANKAI EmptySun Jun 23, 2013 11:46 am

small wording mistakes but approved
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Maiko trains BANKAI
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