Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Malchior Rorek, Fullbringer Ringleader

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PostSubject: Malchior Rorek, Fullbringer Ringleader   Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:29 pm

Name: Malchior Rorek

Race: Fullbringer

Rank: 1


Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 195lbs


Personality: Malchior is a cautious and calculating person. He is known for his sadistic tendencies, and moreover, his quick wit. Insults and harsh criticism are not below him, and he can often come off as cold or blunt. However, he can be caring, but more to those who know him and why he came to be such a crude and callous person.

Likes: Swimming, running, walking. Occasionally, fighting, and most above all, his little sister, Lillian.

Dislikes: Hollows, Shinigami, and on some days, just people in general

Background: The Rorek Family was always considered mid to high society. Their income was stable, and their livelihoods often peaceful. However, with their success, plots against them weren't uncommon. The Rorek family was in charge of Karakura Town's steel mills, owning most of them, and leasing out the others.

Abigail Rorek, was the successor of Rorek Industries, and would become the mother of two children. She was given full control of the company, and matched it grow over the years. As her success grew, so too did the threats on her life. Eventually, she hired a bodyguard, someone to watch over her, and to provide protection when needed. As time grew on, the bodyguard, whose name was Takeda Irruzu, and Abigail grew close, and fell in love. After 4 years, they finally married. Abigail continued to run her company, and her husband continued to avert threats that came their way.

After some time, Abigail became pregnant. Despite her condition, she continued to run her company as best she could, It was on a cold winter night when tragedy struck. Abigail was on her way home from the office, and Takeda  right behind her, still guarding his wife. Abigail was already in her ninth month of pregnancy, Her due date was only weeks away. As they approached their car, the couple was attacked by a rogue Hollow. It happened too fast for either of them to react properly. Before them was a monster, that neither of them have seen before, and it was attacking them. Abigail tried to move away, to avoid it but was injured doing so. Takeda found that his guns weren't working against the beast, and found his wife on the ground, unmoving. Torn between trying to slay a monster that seemingly could not be killed and losing his wife, Takeda picked up his wife, and placed her in the car, avoiding the Hollow, but just barely.

Takeda rushed to the hospital as fast as he could. He carried his now bloody wife into the emergency room, and from there, she was taken care of. Abigail was pregnant with twins, and the cut had made its way to her womb. It was hours before Takeda was told anything, but he received bittersweet news. His wife was fine, and would survive, and so was his son. The other child was unable to survive the trauma, and died during the surgery. It was on that day that Malchior was born.

Time went on, normally for little Malchior, Abigail and Takeda. Life seemed to move in a normal direction, and even for the better when Malchior was given a sister, Lillian Rorek Irruzu. To the family, nothing could have gone wrong.

When Malchior was 12, and Lillian 10, the Rorek family suffered another Hollow attack. This time, there would be more loss to mourn over from this attack. It happened as quickly  as the first time. Little Lily was running towards her mother, unaware, and was quickly snatched up by the Hollow. Takeda knew that his weapons were ineffective against such a creature, and tried to distract it, trying to keep his beloved daughter safe. The attempt was in vain, even when a group of police arrived. Malchior witnessed his sister become devoured by the Hollow. His dad was next, dying at the hands of the Hollow, trying to save Lilly. Abigail and Malchior fled the scene while police tried to deal with the monster. The two managed to get to safety, and managed to find their way home.

A day after the incident, the remaining Rorek family members were contacted, and were given the items that they could salvage from the attack. Among them were Takeda's pistols. But it was mostly scraps of clothing, dirtied with blood and grime.

When Malchior turned 15, he began toying with his father's guns, playing with them, trying to remember his lost father. He felt a strong connection with the guns, remembering how his father had played with him, letting him play with his guns. On the verge of tears, Malchior felt an even stronger connection grow as he held them. He didn't want to let them go, them being the only things he had left to remind him of who his father was. He ran from home, guns in hand, to where he last saw his father. This time, another Hollow happened upon the frustrated boy, and attacked him. With his only defenses his father's guns, Malchior fired upon the creature, hoping that it would do some damage. To his surprise, he was able to not only fire a single bullet, but it was able to wound the Hollow. The guns weren't even loaded at the time, so how could he fire it? He tried it again, but found that he couldn't. Malchior thought that he was going to die, that this was the end. However, the Hollow didn't attack him. A strangely clothed man had cut the arm off the beast with a sword. Malchior watched as this person performed inhuman acts to slay the Hollow, killing it with ease.

The man approached the frightened Malchior, and reassured him that everything was alright. After gathering his wits, Malchior demanded to know what that thing was, and who he was. The man merely chuckled lightly, and told Malchior what he could. The man said that he was  Shinigami, someone who was supposed to keep the Hollows away from humans. He mentioned that the creature he had just killed was a Hollow, a creature who used to be human, but lost its heart for either staying too long in the world of the living, or because it couldn't handle emotional stress long after death. Malchior was furious with the Shinigami, demanding to know where he was when the Rorek family was attacked last time. The Shinigami replied, saying that he was not deployed to this part of Japan yet, and had just been deployed months ago, due to an increase in Hollow activity. Malchior nearly stormed off, Takeda's pistols in his hands, but the Shinigami stopped him, telling him that it was dangerous to go out alone. reluctantly, Malchior agreed to allow the Shinigami to lead him home. Along the way, he asked many questions, one of them being why he could fire the empty pistol. The Shinigami didn't have an answer to give, but told Malchior that he should try and practicing that power if he could. The rest of the way back home, Malchior found out about the Soul Society, Shinigami, and a little more about Hollows.

Since that day, Malchior taught himself how to use his 'power'. It took him years, and fights with many more Hollows to finally reach the pinnacle of his power. At the age of 20, Malchior had finally perfected his Fullbring, and mastered the art Fullbringing.  He had even found someone to teach him a little bit more about Fullbringing during that time, but they had moved on.

The next five years that came, Malchior had been searching, trying to find more Fullbringers to unite under a banner. His goals are kept to himself, revealing them only when he feels the need to.

Techniques: Cero


Damage- 10

Toughness - 7

Reiatsu - 0

Reaitsu/soul manipulation - 11

Speed - 10

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PostSubject: Re: Malchior Rorek, Fullbringer Ringleader   Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:09 pm


Just going to say we may or may not need a stat change. For now it is perfectly fine to rp though.

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Malchior Rorek, Fullbringer Ringleader
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