Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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Name: Shuu


Age:880( Appears 19)


Weight:180 lbs.


Damage- 10

Speed- 4

Toughness- 13(Hierro adds 2 onto 11)

Reiatsu- 8

Reishi manipulation- 0

Description: Shuu...... Bleach_oc___sebastian_santiago_by_tsukiyamo-d4u0kto

Personality: Shuu is a man who looks at the higher bout of things, a stare that can pierce the hearts of those who look into his Azure hues, and spiritual power that can eradicate nearly any adversary within his general vicinity, everything about him from the way he walks to the way he talks just emits Divine. Very few Shinigami and even fewer Hollows can even get close to him without succumbing to his unethical power. It is a real wonder ,but when one it too look into the eyes of Shuu, some can recall it as seeing one who has 'truly' transcended the spiteful emotions of ours. He doesn't act as a hollow he isn't stuck up ,but something about him just makes him seem like the royal divine.

Likes:None in particular


Background: Shuu, the Cero Espada can trace his blood and breath back through legend and myth to the human world. There, he was born under a lunar eclipse to a man and woman who called a stretch of native plains their home. Their tribe, a strong, spiritual people, practiced a faith that revered the energy of nature. They believed that the spirits of the soil, the sky, and the trees blessed their flesh and allowed them to survive where other living creatures could not. In a way, this faith was true, as each member of the tribe possessed innate spiritual capabilities beyond that of most humans; they could see and even destroy Hollow--wayward demons, according to their beliefs--with their unique talents at manipulating spiritual energy and special training honed over generations. Even the Shinigami recognized their genetic line and its powers, and their patrols were instructed to avoid their territory and the danger that it posed.

An elder of the tribe had once foretold the arrival of a spiritual envoy--a bridge between the corporeal world and the mystical forces of nature. The blood-red moon, a product of the lunar eclipse of Shuu's birth, fulfilled this prophecy. With the dreams of his people heavily invested in the words of their elder, the young boy was deemed a gift from the spirits, and he was separated from his family to undergo special training less than a day after his delivery. The elite warriors of the tribe devoted themselves to him, focusing his impossibly prodigious gifts into weapons that were meant to purify the demons--the Hollow--that corrupted the spirits of nature. In the end, it produced an elite man who felt no fear, had a genius intellect, and possessed spiritual powers beyond that of most Shinigami.

What the others could not have known was that Shuu had a corrupted heart, and that his lust for power and perfection would eventually lead him to destroy the rest of his people in an effort to annihilate what he had judged as a group cursed by weakness. In their last effort to rid the world of an evil they had created, the elders of the tribe ripped a hole open in the fabric of reality, killing Shuu and sentencing him to become one of the Hollow that he had been trained to obliterate; the portal to Hueco Mundo that swallowed him placed him in the middle of the Forest of Menos. After he had transformed, his human-life powers, combined with his training and incredible self-discipline, allowed him to quickly move up the ladder of evolution, becoming a Vasto Lorde and then an Arrancar within a few decades.

Skills/Attacks/Techniques:Unmatched Cero: The powers that were granted to Shuu during his human life, a distant part of his past that hides in the shadow of his current greatness, paved the way to his eventual mastery over the Arrancar ability known as the Cero. As a spiritually gifted people, his tribe had the innate ability to gather spiritual particles and focus them through their very souls, producing a variety of effects from the mundane to the astonishing. His own brand of this genetic destiny allowed him to turn his physical body into a conduit through which he could direct torrential amounts of spiritual energy, essentially becoming a living cannon. Although that specific ability is no longer accessible to Shuu, the same instincts that governed its use apply to the Cero, and a portion of this human gift translated to an incredible talent at understanding even the most untouchable details behind the Arrancar technique. His natural capability is so great that using minimal spiritual energy to produce results similar to that of any other Espada's Gran Rey Cero; it can evaporate standing structures and cause massive explosions at the impact site. The standard color for Shuu's Cero is a light, dull gray that is somewhat similar to the hue of the sands of Hueco Mundo. At a distance, this can create the disheartening illusion that the realm itself is attacking his opponents, which is a close enough assumption to the truth. 

Enhanced Pesquisa: With Shuu's fine control over his spiritual power comes an ability to use Pesquisa accurately and without error, which affords him a reliable way to judge the power of others without having to openly test them on the battlefield. Because of his overwhelming abilities and his confidence on the field of battle, this is rarely used during a fight, and is secondary to the much more potent, primal abilities of his Resurrección.

Hierro Legend: No Arrancar in the history of Hueco Mundo has a Hierro as thick, sturdy, and ultimately powerful as Shuu's. His skin is like the toughest of steel, his muscles are as tightly bound and built as steel wire, and his skeleton is as tough as diamonds. His Hierro has only constantly hardened over his years of evolution and continually training to become as strong as he can be. This Hierro has amplified his physical abilities to the fullest, making him unethically strong as well as extremely talented in Hand to hand combat. His Hierro is so amazingly tough that he can literally catch a Captain class blade in his bare hands without even cutting his skin harsh in the slgihtest. He also knows how to utilize his Hierro in an offensive way rather than the standard defense it is made for. His Hierro can act as an amazingly powerful bludgeoning weapon where a simply punch can feel like being struck by a steel mace or Kanabo. His Hierro is particularly the strongest on his hands and forearms, this is because he uses them the most and over time they have hardened into where they can stop a stabbing blade coming at his hand.

~Borron Garra (Blur Claw): A special technique designed to land a quick stepping strike with great force at a close range, this technique developed by Shuu has literally been enough to cut people in half at the sheer speed of it. Though this speed uses Sonido, the attack is meant to start and end up close all it one motion. By condensing a Sonido in a small movement and drawing back his fist, then flash stepping forward a good arm's distance way and thrusting his fist simultaneously, he can deliver a powerful punch that is enough to split a body in half, or completely bring down a building in one single blow. Even if this technique were to miss, the air that is being bent around the fist is enough to throw off someone who is on guard and ultimately open up another attack for Shuu.

Cero Barrier – Once Shuu is in his Resurrection he is able to place his hand on the back of his weapon pumping cero energy into the blade before a large cero sphere wraps around him creating a protective barrier.

Hakuda Master: Shuu's Hakuda abilities are something that only the best of Shinigami Captains can match or even compete towards. His style, combined with his Hierro and intense physical strength, makes his Hakuda something fierce. The thing about his Hakuda though is the fact that he doesn't use kicks, all he uses is his fists. This arguably weakened style which takes away a valuable asset in his battles is not because he doesn't find them effective but rather because he tends to come off balance when he doesn't have a proper footing, and kicks generally take his balance away. However his fist-only fighting style is something that matches the best of human world boxers and countering kickboxers. This Hakuda may consist of hooks, uppercuts, crosses, grapples, throws, and even headbutts if the situation declares it. Shuu may chose between throwing fast, strategic punches to keep his enemy off balance or he may use a powerful heavy punch.

Zanjutsu Practitioner: Shuu is very weak, if not incapably devoid of the skill, in terms of Zanjutsu. This does not mean he neglects his sword , and his Hierro and Hakuda abilities are more than enough to serve as a good enough weapon as well, Shuu decides to fight with his bare hands rather than using a sword. His steel skin serves as a good guard and bludgeoning weapon but can easily make a makeshift blade by straightening out his hand into a pointed jab.

~Escalon (Step): Coming with a rather heavy hierro and a quite thickly built stature does have it's drawbacks and that comes in the form of his Sonido. Although he is among the faster of Sonido users of the Espada, his doesn't come close to the true masters of the technique. His Sonido isn't used to directly get a good angle on his opponent but rather giving momentum to his Hakuda moves to allow them to strike with more power, or made to cover long distances so he can travel. Shuu's unique, shortened version of the Sonido; instead of disappearing completely in a flash step, Shuu will focus the energy of the Sonido to his heels and the lower part of his calves instead of his entire feet. With that, the speed of the Sonido will be focused into a short, quick dash of speed that will most likely create a blurring image of Shuu as he uses Escalon. The speed and momentum of the Escalon allows him to throw an incredibly powerful punch from it's momentum or he can use it to jump in front of an ally in battle to take a blow which his Hierro will most likely brush off. Mainly this is an offensive ability, but it can be utilized to dodge slow strikes as well.

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