Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Zazyre's future Zanpakutou

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PostSubject: Re: Zazyre's future Zanpakutou   Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:49 pm

hmmm well i'll approve but tbh it seems underpowered except for the healing thing which can't be instant btw it has to take at least one post for you to heal and during that post you can't launch an attack
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PostSubject: Mixyuuto no Sairen   Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:27 am

Name of zanpakuto/bow: Mute Siren - Mixyuuto no Sairen.

Shikai ability/ressureccion: It can absorb the sound of whatever it touches to use for its abilities.
1: Thunderclap: Makes opponent's ears ring and hearing dull depending on amount of sound absorbed. Sounds like a high pitched thunderclap.
2: Blind Man's Grief:Makes his opponent's eyesight dim depending on amount of sound absorbed. Sounds like a high pitched flute.
3: Siren's Agony: Causes head pain and dizziness depending on amount of sound absorbed. Sounds like a shrill scream.
Siren's Agony can actually kill if used to a great extreme. He can also use the sound absorbed to create a shockwave around him for a few seconds in quick defense. When user uses his Shikai abilities he loses energy he collects by absorbing sounds, amount depending on how much power he puts into the abilities.

Bankai ability: No longer absorbs sound but whenever he clashes with your blade or body he applies the 3 Shikai effects, amount depending on how hard the the clash is. While he's touching your blade or body with his blade or body the 3 effects of the Shikai will slowly apply. He can shrilly scream to get a "Siren's agony" effect with wider range capable of hitting multiple targets at once (Siren's roar - Sairen no gouon) but when used in succession will damage his own head. When going into bankai a high pitched guitar solo plays.

Shikai release: Breathe in the Silence
- Chinmokuno Nakade Kokixyuushi Masu.

Bankai: Break the Silence! - Chinmokuwo Yaburu! Wrathful Siren!
- Ikari ni moe ta Sairen

General weapon: Zanpakutou

Detailed description or picture of Bankai and Shikai:
Shikai: Slightly curved, slightly lengthened katana with a mouth on the hilt that the blade comes out of. Bankai: A slightly lengthened katana which curves in both directions splitting it slightly at the end. Still has mouth on hilt.

Weaknesses: When in Shikai abilities start losing effect the farther they have to travel to target so keeping him at range limits his ability. When in Bankai he can't use his Shikai abilities so most of his attacks are melee, keeping him at range means his Bankai ability can't effect you. User of this blade is deaf, he hears through his blade. If you separate him and his blade over a long enough distance, he'll lose hearing around himself. His abilities attack by traveling through your ears into your brain, if you cover your ears his effect will be weakened or negated (depending on power of attack) unless he touches the object blocking your ears so his ability can vibrate through the object. If you use attacks that travel too quickly for him to connect with without harming himself, he won't be able to absorb their sound without harming himself. If you use attacks that are very quiet he will get little energy from absorbing their sound.

Warning: Do not speak while in the middle of clashing with this blade. As long as user or blade is touching your blade or your body, he can absorb the sound of your speech as well. When he is absorbing the sound of something that object/person is muted. If he is touching your head when he uses his ability the ability will vibrate through the whole of your head strengthening it considerably and making it so only you hear the sound.
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Zazyre's future Zanpakutou
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