Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 Training post for points should be two.

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Son Goku

Son Goku

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PostSubject: Training post for points should be two.    Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:17 am

After Goku finished his talk and everything was set in stone he went off to start his training to become strong, enough to be on par with an espada if that was possible. He let out a sigh as he went deep into Los noches with the leader of the espada Angron so he could use him to help with his training. After walking deep enough into where the other espada would not really feel the full force of Angron’s force. He finally stopped after getting to one of the towers that was still destroyed and broken he turned to Angron and spoke. “We are going up from here.” He said with a calm voice not demanding him or forcing him, Angron had agreed to this. It was going to help both of them Angron with his reiatsu control and Goku with just about everything else. He then burst off the floor and shot toward the sky of los noches when he was about to hit the top he switched his position and kick a piece of the roof he cut off into the sky as they reached outside of los noches even higher so that no one would even now they disappeared. “This is where I come and do my training sir.” He let Angron look around even though he really did not need to.

The area he was going to train was covered with easy to see bloodstains and sweat strains on the dome covering los noches. He looked over at Angron who was now just standing waiting for the arrancar to ask him the request he had made earlier. “I am sorry for wasting your time just give me a second and I will be back with you.” He walked over to the block he kicked and he put it back into the space he had kicked it from far enough to close it. He then walked into the middle of the area twenty feet away from Angron and then he spoke his request. “Can you unleash all your reiatsu so you can help me achieve an even higher level of power to prove he was closer to being worthy of being an espada. Angron simply nodded his head and then unleashed the power he had saved up from the time being. It seemingly sent Goku slamming onto the ground this reiatsu was much different from the first day he had meet it seemed as though he simply lowered it so far it did not affect him that day. He tried desperately to stand or even move and inch and he simply could not. Even when he tried to use is reiatsu to counter it, it seemed pointless because he was still being crushed but still could breath just barely however. “Wow…this really shows… I am out clashed.” He had to take pauses in his sentence otherwise he would simply die from lose of air.
He just looked at Angron as he struggled for the first couple of hours while he simply tried to get on his hands and knees to show he was not worthless in front of his massive power even though he was not even touching the arrancar. He found that the more he moved and struggled the more he would lose air and greaten the struggle. Therefore, after a while he simply calmed himself down closed his eyes, focused on increasing his reiatsu, and control it well enough so he could stand.

He sat there simply focusing slowly increasing it bit by bit until he felt it was strong enough for him to release it and show his strength and reiatsu control and level. He then unleashed all the reiatsu he had been building up so he could finally stand and sure enough, he slowly started to stand up one leg after another and after pulling his body up he found he was staring Angron in the eyes. “Finally I can stand in your full power at least that is an achievement on its own.” He let out a laugh even though he knew now he need to use his strength now that he was on his feet to start and moving with the new found ability to stand in a power full reiatsu. “Well soon I will not need you sir.” He let out a smile showing he was just making a joke. “I am really grateful for your assistance.” He then went back to being serious working on using his strength he slowly started to turn around and started to walk back seemingly crushing the ground it felt like every time he took a step. Even though in reality he was just making hollow steps but nonetheless the gravity made it seem he was stronger than anyone was at that moment. “This is only the first step to my achievement now.” He let another smirk then he tried using his sonido to gain some extra practice while he tried to gain strength as well. This is an outstanding wonder he was swiftly gaining strength and control of reiatsu while working on his speed making it seem outstanding. “This is a wonderful feeling Angron.” He could now freely use his sonido and he was tired of training for one evening. “Well you can stop now I am glad you could help me.” He then lifted the boulder from under the spot and jumped down hitting the floor with amazing force scaring off all the weak hollows seeing as he had gained tremendous strength and power while he was training even though it was for a short time. “This is outstanding.” He felt he was a little closer to the level of his espada brothers and sisters. He smiled as he walked out getting stronger and faster he didn’t even know if he grew stronger with reiatsu but he did now he was stronger and faster then he sonido through lose noches. He was finding he could take on the world if he work just a little more.
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PostSubject: Re: Training post for points should be two.    Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:51 pm

Angron gave a light nod of approval, even going as far as to offer a smile. "Next time I'll concentrate it all on your area and the goal will be to move out of it... You are improving swiftly and in a thorough manner. Though I wouldn't bet on it, Shuu might make a decent partner for a physical confrontation." With that he waved his goodbye, evidently in a good mood now. A thunderous 'Crack' resounded in the air and he was gone, his own sonido.


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Training post for points should be two.
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