Bleach Aftermath takes place years after the battle with Aizen. No real characters will be in this forum.
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 1500 word training post

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PostSubject: 1500 word training post   Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:35 am

Hiro felt as if something bad was coming. He knew that he was going to need to be at his best to handle whatever the future threw at him. He knew he had to be powerful enough to defend soul society, and he would defend it with his life. He thought of the perfect way to train. He would make a clone of himself and then fight it without using any of his powers. He didn't want anyone seeing him train, and he had to get far enough away that no one would feel his reiatsu. He snuck out of his office and as soon as he got outside he could feel the cold night air. It felt so good. He took a deep breath and just took in the air. Soul society really was a beautiful place. He loved this place more than he loved himself. Enough with the sentimentalities. He had to get strong if he was going to be able to defend this place. He sped off far far away where no one would feel his reiatsu. He felt the wind blowing in his hair as he sped away and he picked up speed. He loved it, he loved this feeling. Going at top speed was just amazing. He had to slow down, he didn't want to expend his energy before he really trained. He felt he finally got far enough away. He landed in a open rocky area. "This should be perfect" he said aloud. "okay here i go Consume everything into darkness, Yami no kanpekina omo....BANKAI" He felt his power grow.
He created the clone of darkness. "are you ready?" the clone nodded. Hiro rushed foward at the clone, attacking him head on. Hiro brought down both of his swords for maximum force on him but the clone managed to block them both with one zanpakuto and spun around swinging the other in a arc in an attempt to remove Hiro's head. Hiro used shunpo to get away before the blade could connect. "not bad, even with only 75 percent of my power you are quite troublesome. Alright then, get ready here i come again." Hiro used shunpo to get to the left side of the clone then did it again immediatley to get to the right side and swung his sword. The clone used shunpo to get away but not without taking a small cut first. "looks like first blood goes to me" The clone was the one to initiate the attack this time, he used shunpo to get behind hiro and brought one sword down on him. Hiro used shunpo again to get away but the clone was ready for that and used shunpo to get behind him as soon as he appeared again. The clone did the same move as before, spinning to behead Hiro, But Hiro ducked it. The clone expected that too and brought the second sword up. Hiro managed to shunpo away yet again but got knicked in the chin.
Hiro laughed "you're not gonna make this easy are you? i suppose it wouldn't be much fun if you did. That was pretty close, let's see if you can get that close again." Hiro and the clone used shunpo at the same time, their blades clashing as they met. This went on for awhile. Neither of them giving much ground. Hiro was sweating heavily, but he wouldn't stop until he absolutley had to. Finally Hiro managed to land another strike, he did shunpo in three times rapidly no letting the clone know where he gonna stop. He stopped on the side of him and tried to take his arm off, but the clone dodged most of the blow in time but it still left a nasty cut in its arm. The clone started to bleed its blue blood down its arm. Hiro sighed, "let's take a break, I can't go on much longer like this." The clone sat down on one of the rocks and Hiro did the same. Hiro felt the breeze cooling his skin along with his sweat. It felt nice. He leand back and put his hands on the rock and just looked up at the sky. He took a deep breath again. He began to think about the future of the shinigami again. Being head captain was a huge weight on his shoulders. He took the job seriously, but still couldn't help but wonder if he was really the right man for the job. He didn't see himself as a leader. Sure he wielded great power but was he a LEAder? Hiro sighed "Only time will tell I guess" Before he had finished his thoughts the clone appeared above him and swung one sword at him. Hiro shunpoed away. " You sneaky little bastard" Hiro smiled. He knew it was just the clone telling him to get his ass up, he wouldn't have escaped unscathed had it been otherwise. "Well, here we go again i suppose."
 Hiro used shunpo to to get behind the clone, but the clone used shunpo instantly before Hiro even had time to swing and appeared on his side slashing at hiro with one sword. Hiro barely managed to dodged it and instantly countered swinging his sword upwards but the clone jumped back just in time, Hiro took a step forward swinging his his blade around. The clone held up one sword to block it and slashed at hiro with the other one. Hiro stepped back but took a cut to his chest. Hiro instantly used shunpo to get behind the clone and slash at the back of his neck but the clone jumped forward enough for the cut to be small. The clone used shunpo to get away and was a good distance. "hahaha not bad, not bad. That actually kind of hurt, but i'm getting tired of this. What do you say we end it soon? Hiro raised his spirit pressure, he hadn't been fighting at full power but now it's time to let loose. The training wouldn't have been effective if he didn't fight on equal grounds with the clone. Hiro went toward the clone at top speed, relentlessly slashing both swords putting the clone on the complete defensive. Hiro wasn't letting up, Soon the clone would break and he would lose. The clone used shunpo to get behind hiro and escape his barrage but Hiro was quick. Hiro jumped forward as the clone slashed at him completely dodging the attack. Hiro turned around brought both swords down on him again, this time at full force. The clone had not choice but used both swords to block, but Hiro expected it. He quickly kicked the clone in the stomach and slashed at him again. The clone had doubled over but still barely managed to shunpo away, though taking a big gash to his back. The clone wasn't giving up and used shunpo to get directly in front of hiro and slashed up with one sword, Hiro dodged it but the clone knew he would so he stabbed directly at Hiro with the other one. The blade connected but not deep enough to be serious. Hiro used shunpo to put some distance between them. "Damn, battling myself is pretty difficult. It's fun too though" Hiro laughed " We gotta do this more often. Now let's finish this. Hiro used shunpo to get with striking distance and slashed at the clone with one sword sideways, the clone jumped back a little but still got cut in his chest. The clone was weak, the fight was as good as done. As soon as Hiro let go it had turned one sided. Hiro used shunpo 4 times rapidly to make sure the clone didn't know where he was gonna strike from. Hiro stopped behind him but instantly used shunpo again. The cloned had turned around and realized what Hiro had done too late. Hiro was behind the clone and stabbed him with both swords from behind. As soon as the clone fell to his knees Hiro beheaded him. Hiro dropped his bankai. He took a deep breath and colllapsed onto his back. He was breathing heavily. He meant to just lay there and rest but he had soon fallen asleep.
Hiro woke up a few hours later still feeling sore from the fight. He grunted as he sat up. He slowly climbed to his feet. "I better get back to the office. I just hope no one noticed I was gone." Hiro began to speed back to the office as fast as he could. He had learned a lot from his training. It was interesting for sure, he had never tried to make a clone of himself, much less fight one. He finally made it back to his office and snuck back inside successfully. It would be unbecoming of the head captain to sneak out to do training when he had official business to take care of.  Hiro was wiped out, so he left his office and went to his room and slept.
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1500 word training post
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